First Idea

” Basil, where is the bathroom in this place?” Aaron asked his girlfriend.

” Aaron, don’t be so rude. It’s past the kitchen, on the left,” Basil said, taking a sip of her sparkling water.

He lurched out of his chair and hastened to the bathroom. Basil watched him, a bemused expression on her face. She always thought it so funny how he walked like he was holding a   box between his legs.

The giant stomped on to the bathroom, not meaning to be causing other restaurateur’s glasses to shake. They looked on disdainfully but he didn’t notice. As he walked into the bathroom, another man was coming out. They smiled briskly at each other and Aaron shoved the door open. His worn loafers squished across the floor as he made his way to the urinal. The water and missed shots of urine spilled into the cracks in the bottom of his tan loafers. He didn’t seem to notice as he set apart his feet and unzipped his pants. As he was peeing, he felt a presence enter the room. Unfortunately he had a lot to deposit and couldn’t quickly finish off before the person did their business, so he just stood there and waited for the man to pick his urinal of choice and use it. A breeze brushed past his neck, causing Aaron to shiver and grow anxious.

” Come on,” Aaron said to his lower body part to hurry up. He finally finished and quickly zipped himself up. He made a beeline for the door.

” Don’t forget to wash your hands,” something whispered into his ear. Aaron yelped and grabbed his ear, having felt the breath tickle his ear. He ran out of the bathroom wanting to get back to an area where there were other people.

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New Book

It’s been awhile but I finally have some ideas about what my next book will be! I’m so excited to start writing my new story on here. 🙂 

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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